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Updated on: 6/5/2015

2014-2015 Incoming Presidents message:


First I want to say "Thank You" to all of our Southern California Chapter members! Without all of your participation, camaraderie and passion for our industry we would all be scattered to LA’s Santa Ana winds. Our large geographic area brings together many different engineering, contracting and vendor companies that range from international firms with thousands of employees to single person consultants. Southern California AHRAE has a place for everyone and members and leadership keep that place welcoming and enriching.

I am honored to be starting my term as your 2014 Chapter President. Being part of ASHRAE at our local Chapter gives me an outlet for my passion. . .or some say affliction. . .as an engineer. I have been a part of the Chapter since I started working as a consulting engineer in our industry here in Southern California in 2007. I could tell right away that it was my home and that I wanted to be involved beyond attending meetings.

    Our Chapter Officers are:
  • Treasurer - Jay Madden
  • President Elect - Christine Lazo
  • President - Andrew Reilman
    Our Board of Directors are:
  • Ricson Chude
  • Chet Dik
  • Brian James
  • Omar Rojas

We have a great year to look forward to. I am very excited for our diverse Board of Directors that bring representation of the next generation of all the aspects of our industry. We have engineers, new and not so new, we have mechanical contractors, we have local product vendor representatives, and we have our local utility in continued strong support. Keep in mind. . .there are chairs and co-chairs that support all of these officers and Board members.

For those of you out there who have always wanted to get more out of your Southern California ASHRAE Chapter. . .Now is the time to join us! We are ready to welcome your support and volunteer involvement in the leadership of OUR Chapter.

Andrew Reilman
2014-2015 Southern California ASHRAE President

ASHRAE Southern California Chapter Monthly Meeting


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