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Updated on: 1/8/2018

Resource Promotion

My name is Karine Leblanc and after going through almost all the chairs and officer's position the past 10 years with the Southern California chapter, I am glad to try a new position this year which is the Research Promotion chair, most often called, the RP chair. I am following the footsteps of Michael Hass who did a fantastic job last year; it will be a tough act to follow!

I just came back from the RP training that was held in the windy city of Chicago. We were a total of 29 new and not so new RP chairs among 4 Regions. Our Region X was well represented with the RP chair of San Diego, Golden Gate, San Jose, Northern Nevada and Hawaii chapters (see picture). I learned a lot, the training was awesome! Now I am ready to raise some Research Moneyyyy!!!

Our goal this year is to raise $20,000.00, which is not too bad considering how successful SoCal is!! Seriously, the Region X (CA, AZ, NV, HI) has been receiving approx. $1.4M from the Society Research fund for their projects and grants. Unfortunately, the Region X has only raiser approx. $144,000.00 last year. Our ratio is not very good and this is why we will try very hard this year to make a difference. So don't be surprise to see and hear more about Research Promotion!

To make a donation to the ASHRAE Research, please click here:

A special thank you goes out to the following 2011-2012 contributors:


Western Allied Corp
California Energy Designs Inc
Maroko & Shwe Incorporated
Pacific Insulation Company


Roy M Lee, PE
Edwin Hornquist
Matt Church
Elbert Kelly
Karine Leblanc
Scott J Neithercut
Mr Clayton A Lampman
Mr Richard Rivera
Erin K McConahey, PE

Up to $99
Dennis McClain
Wayne D Adams
Mr Viroj Isaradharm

A special thank you goes out to the following 2010-2011 contributors:


Southern California Edison, Rosemead
Western Allied Corp
Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning
Carrier Corporation - UTC
Applied Companies
California Energy Designs Inc
Maroko & Shwe Incorporated
Pacific Insulation Company
J D Sales Co Inc
Daikin AC
Air Treatment
Southern California Edison
NSW-Airelink/LG Electronics
Delta-Q, Inc
Vernon Denny Refrigeration Co
Key Air Conditioning contractors Inc
Trane Matching Funds


Michael W Gallagher $500-999
Peter C Pobjoy, P.E.

Dr Manojit Sinha
Barney Klinger
Richard L Gilbert

Vernon E Denny
Joe C Ablay, P.E.
James B Weil
John Sundahl
Richard Riviera
Clayton A Lampman
Fred Khachekian
Elbert Kelly
Charles R Smith, P.E.
Kathleen (Kappy) M Paulson
Lee Francis Sandahl
Karine Leblanc
Michael Douglass Hass
Andranik K Khechoumian, P.E.
Aaron G Deutsch
Scott J Neithercut
Jeffrey A Landreth
Donald R Lamarr
Anilchandra H Shenoy
Rufino G Bautista, P.E.
Laurence K Brink, Jr
Harold T.Kushner P.E.
Alan E Racalbuto
Andrew James DeFalle
Edward Saltzberg, P.E.

Up to $99
Ernie M Viernes
Delmer M Sneed
Dean M Gaffner
Joshua Kheel
Gerald A Howell, P.E.
Howard Joseph Bleier
Donald E Benkert
Charles W Nadig
Elmo A Boldi
Geroge Militchin
Patrick E Collins, P.E.
Leonid Makovoz

To learn more about ASHRAE Research Promotion please click on the link below:

Our Goal is: $20,000

  • $7645.00

Karine LeBlanc, Resource Promotion chair

Introduction to ASHRAE Research

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